Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. It is an art that captures the essence of the big day, preserves memories, and brings back emotions whenever one sees the pictures. There are several styles of wedding photography, but in recent years, documentary-style wedding photography has become increasingly popular.

What is Documentary wedding photography?

Documentary-style wedding photography is a style that captures the wedding day as it unfolds. It is a storytelling approach that focuses on capturing candid moments, emotions, and the natural beauty of the wedding day. This style of photography is also known as photojournalistic wedding photography.

The goal of a documentary-style wedding photographer is to capture real, genuine moments throughout the day without interfering or directing the wedding. They aim to tell the story of the day in a natural and unobtrusive way. This means that the photographer will be capturing moments as they happen, without posing or setting up shots.

The beauty of this style of photography is that it captures the true essence of the day. The images are not forced or staged, but rather they are natural, candid, and spontaneous. This approach allows for the couple to look back at their wedding day and relive the moments as they happened, capturing the emotions and feelings of the day in a timeless and authentic way.


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One of the main benefits of documentary-style wedding photography is that it allows the couple to be in the moment and enjoy their day without the pressure of posing or worrying about the camera. The photographer will be capturing the day as it unfolds, allowing the couple to focus on each other and their loved ones.

Another benefit of this style of photography is that it captures the little details and moments that might have been missed. From the emotions on the faces of the guests to the intricate details of the wedding dress, every aspect of the wedding day is captured and preserved.

Documentary-style wedding photography is not just about capturing candid moments, but it is also about telling a story. The photographer will capture the entire day, from getting ready to the last dance, creating a visual narrative that will tell the story of the couple’s wedding day.

The images produced by documentary-style wedding photography are not just photographs, but they are a collection of memories that will last a lifetime. They are a reminder of the love, joy, and happiness shared on the wedding day.

In conclusion, documentary-style wedding photography is a unique and beautiful style that captures the natural beauty and essence of the wedding day. It tells a story and preserves memories in a timeless and authentic way. If you are looking to book a wedding photographer, consider a documentary-style wedding photographer to capture your special day.

documentary wedding photography

What is the difference between documentary and traditional wedding photography?

The main difference between documentary style wedding photography and traditional wedding photography is their approach to capturing the wedding day. Traditional wedding photography is often more posed and directed, with the photographer taking control of the situation to create a specific image. On the other hand, documentary style wedding photography takes a more candid and unobtrusive approach, capturing the events of the day as they naturally unfold.

In traditional wedding photography, the photographer may spend time staging shots, adjusting lighting, and posing the couple and their guests. They will often take control of the situation and direct people into certain poses or positions, resulting in a more structured and posed look to the images. Traditional wedding photography tends to focus on capturing formal portraits of the couple, family, and guests, and less on the candid moments.

In contrast, documentary style wedding photography takes a more spontaneous approach, capturing the natural moments of the day without interfering or directing. The photographer will be a fly on the wall, capturing candid moments and emotions as they happen. This results in a more authentic and natural look to the images, with a focus on capturing the true emotions and feelings of the day.

Documentary style wedding photography also tends to have a more storytelling approach, capturing the events of the day in a chronological order, creating a visual narrative of the wedding day. This approach results in a collection of images that tell the story of the day, capturing not just the formal portraits but also the little details and candid moments that might have been missed.

In conclusion, while traditional wedding photography and documentary style wedding photography both aim to capture the wedding day, they take very different approaches. Traditional wedding photography is more posed and structured, while documentary style wedding photography is more candid and natural. The choice between the two styles ultimately comes down to personal preference, with some couples preferring the traditional look, while others opt for a more spontaneous and authentic approach.

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