Tell us something about yourself?

Since I was 6 years old I have been playing with my dad`s camera. He had this hobby of nature type photography and I fell in love with the vivid colors and grande landcapes he loved to catpure in his images. In my late teenage years I decided I wanted to start making money to by a dirt bike by taking photos for money. I thought it is easy – just point the camera and shoot. But, it wasn`t. I failed as no one wanted to buy any. I studied photography in uni and decided to give it go. And it has been so far for the last 12 years.

Which type of wedding photography you prefer and offer?

I offer any type of photography, but I prefer a casual type where I am invinsible for the crowd and the guests and capture the wedding day as it is.

Are you willing to travel to other countries to capture a wedding day?

I have shoot weddings in Portugal, Italy and Morocco so far. I love going abroad and doing my job the best.

Do you have any qualifications or awards?

I have a bachelor degree in photography. No awards so far.

What type of media you use to deliver the photos?

Most couples prefer usb or cloud delivery, but my favourite is a classic paper album.