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How Does It Work


Finding the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding day is not easy. can help you find one quick. Simply submit your request and send it to us. We will process your information and send your details to the best local Uxbridge photographers. Each of them should contact you to discuss it further and to offer their services. We will not share your details with anyone else!

Wedding Photography Costs In Uxbridge


Booking a professional wedding cameraman in Uxbridge is not cheap. The average cost for using a full-time wedding photographer on your wedding day is around £1200-£1600. The final costs will depend on many factors- how long do you want the photographer to stay, how do you want to receive your photos, is it off-peak season wedding or not and many more. Comparing photographers will give you a chance to reduce the final price with minimum 20% to 30%.






Booking A Wedding Cameraman

Once you have chosen your wedding photographer , there is no need to waste more time. Contact the photographer you wish to use and book their services. Reason is reputable wedding photographers get booked way ahead and many wedding couples want to use them too. They plan their schedule minimum 6 to 8 months in advance and it is better to confirm and book the requested date as soon as you are certain this photographer will be your choice.

You should expect to receive a confirmation ( or a booking form) with all details and terms included. Read everything carefully before accepting. One thing to remember is always to check, if the delivery time of the wedding photos is mentioned. If not, request for this to be added, so you know how long you will have to wait to get the final result. Once the booking is filled in, all you need to do is to pay a deposit and you are ready and safe. 

Wedding Photography Expectations

Wedding photography is pretty similar at all weddings around the world. There are always some small details of how the Uxbridge wedding photographer will approach capturing the wedding day. If you have agreed for a traditional type wedding photographs, the cameraman should direct you and arrange the crowd for the best wedding shots. If you have chosen a documentary style photography, the cameraman should try to stay as invinsible as possible. The photographer might ask for additional support though- where to charge the lights or batteries, or ask the DJ to connect to the PA system for a better audio signal.

If you have booked the photographer for a full day coverage, expect the him/her to leave shortly after the first dance is over. Lastly, always try to reserve a parking space for the wedding photographer, if coming by car. It will be also nice to offer food and drinks too.

Extra Wedding Photography Services

Most, if not all, wedding photographers in Ubxridge offer extra services like engagement photos or post-wedding photography. The first one, is good for having some beatiful photos to show during the wedding and to get comfortable in front of the camera.

The second service is for creating more wedding images with or without your wedding dress on different locations. The wedding day is very hectic, so this is the perfect oportunity to create those dream photos you have seen in the magazines.

After The Wedding Day

Once all the fuzz around the wedding day is over, you will probably want to see the final images as soon as possible. Unforunately this is where the long and hard work begins. The photographer needs to go through all images, select the best ones, edit if necessary and create a beatifull story out of the hundreds/thousands photos taken throughout the wedding day. Typically it can take minimum 3-4 weeks before you can see the final result, but many photographers send some early photographs so you can make any corrections and give your opinion. It is important to speak with your UB8 photographer about all these details before booking their services.